What is the Real Rights Platform? 

Developed in collaboration with the legal research expertise of Baker McKenzie LLP, the Global Initiative on Justice With Children and its corporate partners, Real Rights is a resource for young people informing them of their rights when encountering the police, and assisting them in reporting behavior that infringes upon those rights. 

What is the purpose of the Real Rights Platform? 

When young people encounter law enforcement for the first time,  it can be an incredibly daunting and life changing experience. This is especially true for those from Black and Ethnic minority communities. Young people across the world are vulnerable to making the wrong choices or being taken advantage of when dealing with law enforcement. 

The Real Rights platform is a simple tool that empowers young people by enabling them to become more informed of their rights. We hope that it can also act as an instrumental tool to challenge the discriminatory attitudes that law enforcement may have, particularly when dealing with young people from Black and Ethnic minority communities. 

Who is the Real Rights Platform for?

This Real Rights Platform is for young people under the age of 18 who want to understand their rights when encountering law enforcement. In particular, these young people can find out the answers to these fundamental questions:

  • What are my rights when a police officer stops me?
  • Can police officers search my phone?
  • Do the police need a warrant to arrest you?
  • Am I allowed to ask for the reason they stopped me?
  • What to do when the police questions you?
  • How do I contact a lawyer and when?
  • How do I make a complaint if I have questions or feel my rights have been violated?

What countries does the Real Rights Platform cover?

An initial set of city jurisdictions have been started in draft format for review and commentary.  New jurisdictions will be added routinely, so please check back often.  Our aim is to cover as many jurisdictions as possible across the globe.

Why are we seeking feedback on the Real Rights Platform?

The answers and legal sources covered throughout this Platform are incredibly complex areas of the law and policy specific to each jurisdiction.  Our aim is to amass feedback and edits on a global scale to ensure that the Real Rights Platform incorporates the guidance and perspective of people locally.  All feedback on the site and the content is welcome (and appreciated!).

Exploring the "Real Rights" of Children and Youth in Contact with Police.
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Global Initiative on Justice With Children

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The Global Initiative on Justice With Children was launched for the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child at the Palais des Nations, in Geneva to address the most current issues related to children in contact and/or conflict with the law. Developed by a consortium of international organisations, the Initiative connects practitioners worldwide and serves as a global milestone through World Congresses as well as regional and national advisory meetings.

The initiative aims to promote child centred justice by:

  1. advocating for children’s rights  effective implementation in justice systems
  2. favouring child participation in formal and informal justice settings
  3. reducing deprivation of liberty for children worldwide, and promoting non-custodial measures
  4. promoting fair and non-discriminatory access to justice for all children

The Global Initiative on Justice With Children is the fruit of the collaboration of by Terre des hommes Foundation, Penal Reform International, The International Association of Youth Judges and Magistrates and the International Institute on Children Rights.